• Certification/Testing – We will test and get you integrated with Tractivity.
  • EDI Training - Hands On Training on how to integrate with Tractivity.
  • Support – 24/7/365 Support for you and your trading partner.
  • Security - 24/7/365 security monitoring using world-class industry standard security tools and protocols.
  • On-Demand Staffing - If you have an employee on vacation, out sick or if you have a large order to fill, you can hire our EDI Staff as a temporary resource.
  • Integration - Infocon's web-based EDI solution can integrate with Any ERP/Accounting system.
  • Communication - Flexible Communication: Infocon provides connections to all major public and private VAN's(Value Added Networks).We also support AS1, AS2, FTP, SMTP or any other specialized data communication requirements

Tractivity Integration Options:

  • Tractivity Invoice to 810 EDI Invoice
  • 850 Purchase Order to Tractivity Sales Order
  • Tractivity Ship File to 856 Ship Notice/Manifest
  • 812 EDI to Tractivity Debit/Credit Memo
  • 820 EDI to Tractivity Cash Receipt
  • Tractivity Purchase Order Acknowledgment to 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment
  • Tractivity Ship File to 856 Ship Notice/Manifest
  • 860 Purchase Order Change Request to Tractivity Sales Order
  • Tractivity Sales Order to Warehouse Shipping Order 940
  • 945 Warehouse Shipping Advise to Tractivity Invoice
  • Customized Packing Slip

Tractivity Integration Special Features:

  • Cross Referencing Data
  • Field Defaults
  • Any Custom Field

Tractivity Website:

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