Infocon Systems Web-Based EDI solution is a complete solution for all EDI Documents.

EDI Transaction/Document refers to an online document that contains vital business information (similar to a paper document used for the same function) and is a means to exchange data electronically between trading partners and their suppliers. It is often referred to by a number as well as by its name. A number attached to each one of them in order to make it easier for a user to understand and help in identifying errors. For example, an EDI 850 Purchase Order tells a user that 850 is the number attached to the EDI document Purchase Order which is used to place an order for goods or services.

Understanding EDI Transactions

Knowing about every EDI document and its function can be an overwhelming and a time- consuming process. We have compiled a list of all the EDI transactions below by industry to make it easy for every user to understand the standard document types specific to their industry. Infocon Systems supports all EDI documents and securely transmits any EDI transaction you need using any standard or protocol including ANSI(ASC) X12, VICS, UCS, EDIFACT and XML formats.

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