As our motto states, Infocon Systems can develop EDI solutions for ANY trading partner, with ANY integration, in ANY industry.

For over 30 years, Infocon Systems has provided EDI solutions & services for companies around the world.

We provide EDI services for companies in all sectors of the global economy . These industries include retail, grocery, automobile, transportation, defense, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture to name a few. Specifically, in the Defense industry, we provide EDI services with trading partners such as the Army Airforce Exchange, Navy Exchange, and the Defense Logistics Agency. In the grocery industry, we regularly work with Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, and many other big-name trading partners.

We also specialize in integrating your EDI data into ANY ERP system. Common ERP systems that we work with include Quickbooks, ShipStation, SAP, and Salesforce. Integration eliminates manual data-entry for your business, creating a seamless workflow for your company. We offer 24/7/365 support to all of our customers, and we can also develop custom solutions for different companies based on their specific needs.


Infocon Systems runs 6 million transactions through our system annually (and we are growing by 30% year over year). We also process over 3 billion dollars worth of invoices a year!


All of our EDI & software solutions are hosted on a world-class infrastructure (Microsoft Azure) - with 99.9% uptime & high-availability. All of the data that runs through our system is encrypted through SSL & the AS2 protocol. Additionally, our systems are securely located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

We also have a comprehensive team that monitors our infrastructure 24/7/365. This team includes a Database Administrator, a Data Protection Engineer, and a Networking expert. Moreover, we have an operations team that monitors every transaction that runs through our system around the clock. Lastly, our platform partners, Microsoft Azure & Connectria Managed Hosting, are SOC 2 certified for their security procedures, processing integrity, data confidentiality, and information privacy.

Infocon Systems is the industry standard for world-class EDI solutions.


EDI standardizes the information communicated in business documents - improving document accuracy and enabling the paperless exchange.

EDI eliminates the expenses of paper, printing, and postage, and manual data entry.

EDI expedites your business cycles - enabling you to exchange business documents in minutes instead of the days or weeks of turnaround time via a postal service.

EDI empowers real-time visibility into transaction status: promoting quicker decision-making and enhanced responsiveness to customer demands.

EDI reduces the time it takes your business to exchange invoices, purchase orders, advanced shipping noticies, and any other business documents. This exchange is computer to computer instead of manual!


EDI is easy with Infocon Systems. With over 30 years of experience, our EDI solutions have grown into the industry standard.

Our dedicated team of EDI experts know how to deliver world-class, affordable, and reliable EDI solutions - because we’ve done just that for thousands of happy clients. You’re in good hands.

Give us a call at 1-888-339-0722 or request a no strings attached quote. We’d love to work with you and learn about your great business.