Infocon Systems Transforms Order to Cash Cycle and Heightens Profits for Catastrophic Creations

May 15th, 2020, Louisville, KY, Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Catastrophic Creations is an unconventional and innovative design cat furniture company. They manufacture cat bridges, cat shelving, hammock sets, feeders, planters, and more both online and in store.

The company leveraged Infocon Systems’ 30 plus years of expertise in developing custom EDI solutions for their customers in any industry and the ability to integrate into any ERP, shipping or warehouse management Software, CRM or e-commerce platforms seamlessly.

The Challenge

Catastrophic Creations started out by making cat furniture in their third-floor apartment and selling it online on Etsy. They slowly graduated to commercial places to build their innovative products for a wider audience. Eventually, they created their own website and took direct online orders.

As a part of their growth strategy, Catastrophic Creations expanded into twelve big retailers quickly within three years. They were fulfilling all the orders manually and spending a lot of time, effort, and money. They knew they would not be able to scale up with their current process and needed an effective, error-free strategy in order to keep up with customer demand.

The Solution

Infocon Systems developed a custom solution with a flawless EDI workflow specifically tailored to Catastrophic Creations’ needs. Being a ShipStation partner for several years, Infocon Systems integrates perfectly into the EDI solution with their APIs. The overall solution consisted of:

  1. The company’s EDI implementation with their four major retail trading partners that involves receiving the purchase orders from their trading partner and validating them.
  2. Integrating into their internal shipping software, ShipStation. This involved converting the EDI Purchase Order data into the ShipStation order format, pushing it into the software, converting the shipment data in ShipStation into an EDI Advance Ship Notice, and sending it to the respective trading partners.
  3. The EDI Invoices are created with the shipment and purchase order data from ShipStation and sent to the trading partners with no manual work required from their team.

“EDI dropshipping continues to be a vital component of ShipStation’s omnichannel focused customers. Catastrophic Creations recognized the challenges in expanding from the Etsy marketplace to fulfilling for larger retailers in just a few years. The integration between ShipStation and Infocon Systems allowed them to automate their ASNs and scale in a cost-effective and efficient way. We’re thrilled that our EDI partner Infocon Systems was able to help another one of our customers remain exceptionally efficient!" Said Kevin Kline, Manager of Solution Providers

The Results

As soon as the Catastrophic Creations’ trading partners were onboarded by Infocon Systems, the company quickly saw the benefits and transitioned most of their trading partners to its platform. Infocon Systems’ high responsiveness to time-sensitive issues led to:

  1. Reducing their time to one-third of what they use to spend manually processing customer transactions
  2. 2x increase in process efficiency: the technique ensures very few to no delays in reconciling transactions, helping reduce keying and re-keying efforts, allowing the team to focus on their core business
  3. Incredible business expansion opportunities: the company can now scale up to any volume of transactions by adding the number of trading partners

“Working with Infocon has helped give us the capacity to expand to even more outlets. When we are in talks with a new trading partner, it helps to have the confidence that we will be able to manage orders seamlessly. The Infocon team is extremely reliable and responsive, and that's been a huge help when it comes to time-sensitive issues involving online orders." Said Mike Wilson, CEO at Catastrophic Creations

“As a ShipStation partner, Infocon Systems was uniquely equipped to develop an effective solution for Catastrophic Creations. The end result was time saved, costs reduced, and a happy customer.” Said, Kush Nijhawan, Vice President at Infocon Systems

About Catastrophic Creations

The company is a maker of unconventional and intricate cat furniture like bridges, cat shelving, hammock sets, feeders and planters etc. and sell them to various online and store retailers. For their beautiful designs, please visit

About Infocon Systems

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