Infocon Systems: Connecting the Dots

Any Industry, Any Trading Partner, and Any Integration. This is the core value on which Deepak Nijhawan, President at Infocon Systems and his team have steered the company with through the years. Today when the President looks back, there is a hint of well-deserved pride when he informs that it is that principle that has directly helped address all challenges in the EDI market place for Infocon Systems. Nijhawan also informs about the reason for Infocon’s inception and the balanced work culture forming the base foundation of his company that today connects businesses with “their trading partner, integrating with any system, in any industry.” “Initially Infocon focused on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. However, in 2004, with the maturing of internet and cloud, we transformed our company on to the SAS model, helping a quicker implementation and significant price reduction in installingElectronic Data Integration (EDI) solutions,” recalls Nijhawan. Today Infocon is a value leader in the EDI marketplace. “This is a combination of price, support, and length and breadth of services,” he smiles. “Think of us as an ensemble to order EDI solution provider firm.” Infocon assists supply chain retailers to upgrade their legacy EDI systems to adapt to the current technological advancements. The big question here though for Nijhawan is, “How fast can the EDI providers make the transition to the API world, which we live in?” To trounce the blockade, Infocon offers customized solutions helping customers in retail, supply chain logistics, manufacturing, automotive, transportation, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and defense industries. “Infocon provides real-time customized software solutions based on user requirements. These include front-end, workflow, and back-end integration with a multitude of solutions that allow businesses to function according to their requirements. We have always been concerned with providing the best value to our customers and be a partner in providing solutions to help their bottom line,” explains Nijhawan.

However, the key challenge with customization is the cost—anything that is exclusive is mostly expensive. In any case, if the cost gets too high, then most of the customers cannot afford it. “To overcome the hurdle, Infocon has developed a proprietary EDI framework. This framework allows us to assemble relevant components for both our frontend and back-end developers to provide the solution. Our massive library includes details of scores of trading partners, their transactions, and integration into various CRMS, ERPs, and 3PLs. We just assemble them to provide cost-effective and real-time customized solutions,” he delineates. Infocon also aligns their solutions with the current technological trends, which requires EDI solutions to be cloud based resulting in a significant reduction of transaction costs and an increased ability for interoperability with a wide variety of systems.

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