Infocon Systems Creates a Seamless Transaction Processing Experience for Mon-Tex Mills Ltd

Louisville, KY, March 17, 2020 --- Based in Montreal, Quebec, Mon-Tex Mills Ltd. is one of the largest children’s bedding and bath accessories distributors and suppliers in Canada, specializing in kids’ licensed goods. The company has benefitted from Infocon Systems’ 30+ years of expertise developing custom solutions for any industry as well as the ability to integrate into any business process management system seamlessly, saving time and costs.

The Challenge

Mon-Tex Mills Ltd. is an ever-evolving, long-standing Canadian company looking to automate their entire order to cash cycle because their operations team was spending a lot of time processing the orders from their nine trading partners and entering information in multiple systems, which was error-prone. There were errors on orders which lead to incorrect shipping notices and invoicing in their Syspro ERP system. They were dealing with different file formats in multiple software systems. They needed a solution to standardize their file formats and wanted to make the switch to an automated system where all the data flows seamlessly from one system to another without having to manually key in information separately.

The Solution

Infocon Systems’ cloud-based platform is built on a nimble infrastructure and can accommodate any customizations that are required per the customers’ business. Infocon Systems understood Mon-Tex Mills’ concerns and thus created a custom solution for EDI with nine of their trading partners, along with integrating EDI 850, 810 and 856 into their Syspro ERP. The first step was to standardize the formats of the files received to one EDI format and provide easy access to the team from anywhere online. The integration piece included the automatic flow of incoming and outgoing documents in and out of Syspro ERP. This was a detailed process wherein, EDI 850 purchase orders received from all trading partners were converted into a Syspro XML format file and pushed into Syspro. For all outgoing documents like EDI 810 Invoice and EDI 856 Advance Shipping Notice, Syspro XML file format was mapped and translated into an EDI format and sent to the respective trading partners. As an add-on service, Infocon Systems generates custom sales reports every day which are sent to their management for review.

“Partnering with Infocon Systems has allowed us to streamline our day-to-day operations. We quickly saw the cost and time-saving benefits of their system, which was customized to meet our specific needs. Their staff and customer service has been exemplary-- they are always available for trouble-shooting and have proven themselves to be very knowledgeable. Everything is now running more smoothly and efficiently.” Said Rhina Nerio Sanchez, Quality Assurance and Control Manager at Mon-Tex Mills Ltd.

The Results

  1. The team’s efficiency has increased double fold after Infocon Systems has automated their entire order-to-cash cycle integrating EDI into Syspro
  2. At the order entry level, time has been reduced by more than 30 hours monthly which has significantly reduced the team’s efforts and freed them to focus on their core business
  3. Mon-Tex Mills has reduced their in-house costs significantly with the custom solution by saving extra resource costs for keying and re-keying data and in-turn making the order cycle faster, error-free, seamless and secure

“Our team studied the inefficiencies in the Mon-Tex Mills order cycle process, and developed a specialized solution catered to their custom needs. The end-result was a seamless solution and a happy company.” Said Kush Nijhawan, Vice President at Infocon Systems.

About Mon-Tex Mills Ltd.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Montex Mills is one of the largest bedding and bath accessories distributor and supplier in Canada especially in kids’ licensed goods. For more information, visit

About Infocon Systems

Infocon Systems is an established EDI solutions company providing a fully managed, easy to use Cloud-based platform and B2B integration into your core business applications. Headquartered in Louisville, KY and backed by a dedicated team of experts for over 30 years, Infocon has been connecting EDI partners with their customers and suppliers, while maintaining seamless workflows to make your transaction processing the most efficient. Infocon’s friendly and knowledgeable support team offers 24/7 follow-up, and allows Infocon to make a difference where it matters the most. For more information, visit and contact us at

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