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Bridging the Gap: Integrating QUICKBOOKS with EDI

  • March 14, 2019 / by Infocon Systems

If you have been using accounting systems or entering data manually, you are probably familiar with how difficult and cumbersome they can be to learn and operate with. Quickbooks, on the other hand, is designed to be intuitive and easy to understand, even for business owners who may not have the time for online courses or don't have a financial background. Quickbooks' ability to integrate with other programs is a big advantage so integrating it with EDI can make life easier by saving money and allowing time to focus on other, more pertinent tasks, which in turn, will help your business run more efficiently. With a faster order to cash cycle, you can scale up your business and handle any kind of order volumes very effectively.

Infocon's Role in Answering THE Dreaded Question

How manyEDI service providers can actually integrate into your internal system? I can assure you, not many. Backed by a dedicated team of experts for over 30 years, Infocon Systems designs custom solutions which maintain a seamless workflow between you and your trading partners. Our ability and agility to integrate into any business process management system (Quickbooks is just one example) makes it easy to run your business smooth and error proof. We handle the entire process of EDI testing, mapping and 24/7 support which lowers your cost to 30-40% vs. deploying internal resources for this task. We can integrate into both Quickbooks' cloud and desktop versions and our process makes it easier to comprehend and implement in your systems:

Inbound Process:


Outbound Process:


To learn more on how we can help you with Quickbooks EDI integration into your internal system, please contact our sales department @888-339-0722 or email us at sales@infoconn.com

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