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How can Branded Shipping Labels help your Business?

  • April 02, 2020 / by Infocon Systems

How can Branded Shipping Labels help your Business?

Brand identity is the process of finding and fixing the means of identification. Branding builds recognition, loyalty and helps to communicate your vision, mission, and ideas. Every customer touchpoint is an opportunity for your business to build a brand. The more your brand name is on the face of the customer, a more lasting memory you create for them- this is called brand recognition. Brand recognition is a very important part of e-commerce business because you are competing with giants like Amazon. To keep up with them, you will need the same customization and personalization.

Shipping labels act as identification labels that help describe and specify the contents of the shipping container. These labels are affixed to containers. Standard shipping labels do not provide any information about your company or brand, just the carrier and their logo.

So whether you're a big or small company trying to make a big impression on customers, it’s easy to create a branded shipping label that makes your cartons/packages stand out from the crowd with branded shipping labels. By adding your company logo and some information to label messages, you’ll put a personal touch on your shipping labels.

Here’s your way to go…..

Infocon Systems has 30+ years of experience in delivering custom EDI solutions to any industry and has been a front-runner in the new and emerging markets. We focus on meeting the EDI compliance standards with your retailers and work closely with you to design EDI workflows that best suit your company’s culture and requirements.

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