What is EDI compliance?

EDI compliance refers to the ability to exchange business documents in the way your trading partner requires.

Each document must adhere to a specific EDI format to ensure the successful exchange of EDI documents.

Why do businesses need to be EDI compliant?

Virtually all major trading partners such as Walmart, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and thousands of others require that the companies that they do business with become EDI compliant. In simple terms – your business needs EDI to receive your purchase orders & send out invoices!

How do you become EDI compliant?

There are a few key steps in the process to becoming EDI compliant. You first need to understand the requirements for your specific trading partner. Most trading partners will have resources on their website that detail the full set of requirements & expectations with respect to EDI. You then have a choice. You can either outsource your EDI requirements to a third-party provider such as Infocon Systems, or you can build an in-house EDI solution. For the vast majority of businesses, building an in-house EDI solution from scratch is both a daunting & expensive process. This process involves developing the software needed to securely exchange EDI documents. After your EDI solution is all set-up, you’re ready for the final step: testing. You must test your EDI solution to ensure that the documents can successfully be exchanged in the proper format with your trading partner(s). After testing is done with the trading partner, you’re ready for business!

Why Infocon Systems?

EDI is easy with Infocon Systems. With over 30 years of experience, our EDI solutions have grown into the industry standard.

Our dedicated team of EDI experts know how to deliver world-class, affordable, and reliable EDI solutions - because we’ve done just that for thousands of happy clients. You’re in good hands.

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