EDI for CBD Brands and Products

  • March 02, 2020 / by Infocon Systems

How Lucrative is it to be in the CBD & Hemp arena?

In the most recent Forbes article, CBD market is projected to go over $20 billion sales by 2024 and is moving towards mainstream retailers-Walgreens, Whole Foods, CVS, Ulta Beauty, GNC, Kroger etc. jumping on the bandwagon. We should expect to see CBD and Hemp products on the shelves everywhere in the days to come as workout supplements, wellness products, pet supplements, edibles etc. For those individuals who are looking to build a sustainable business, key is to have a realistic picture of supply and demand and promptly get in front of the line with the retailers.

What does EDI mean to you as a Supplier of CBD & Hemp Products?

If you want to be ahead in the game and are looking to sell your products to these major retailers, you need to be EDI ready. If you are new to EDI, having a value EDI provider with a consultative approach who can help you kick-start the setup with the retailers and further integrate into your back-office accounting/ERP/e-commerce software for a fully automated system will be crucial. You will need a partner who guides you through the entire process providing unparalleled 24/7/365 support.

Here’s your way to go…..

Infocon Systems has 30+ years of experience in delivering custom EDI solutions to any industry and has been a front-runner in the new and emerging markets. We focus on meeting the EDI compliance standards with your retailers and work closely with you to design EDI workflows that best suit your company’s culture and requirements.

Looking for tips on how to get started?

Please chat with one of our experts here online or call us @888-339-0722 to discuss your EDI specific requirements.

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