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NetSuite EDI: How NetSuite EDI Integration Will Improve Your Customer Relationships

  • December 20, 2020 / by Infocon Systems

How NetSuite EDI Integration Will Improve Your Customer Relationships?

NetSuite is an online cloud ERP software system that enables companies to manage all ecommerce business processes in a single system. With the help of NetSuite, companies manage resource planning, inventory management, CRM (customer relationship management) and run ecommerce stores.

EDI (Electronic data interchange) has been the pre-internet way for companies to exchange business documents to one another for over 30 years. The use of standard Electronic data interchange format across multiple industries including supply chain, manufacturing to retail, distributors, fulfilment providers, and other trading partners has allowed retail business to fulfil orders faster with minimal to no errors.

Infocon System’s NetSuite EDI integration solution offers an easy and affordable way to comply with the EDI requirements of any trading partners while automatically pushing the required EDI documents like Purchase Orders (PO), Advance Shipment Notices (ASNs) and Purchase Order Acknowledgements (PO Acks) and Invoices into NetSuite for the customers who use it as their back-office system

Infocon System’s EDI integration program validates all data fields before sending business documents and highlights a field for missing data where need be. This EDI functionality reduces turnaround time and chargebacks for customers. EDI Integration checks and validates duplicate purchase order numbers, pricing etc. before pushing the data into NetSuite. It also helps to generate accurate invoices.

Reasons Why You Need EDI Integration with NetSuite

  • Speed and Accuracy: NetSuite EDI Integration improves order processing speed and fulfilment that helps to enhance customer satisfaction. NetSuite Integration ensures little to no manual entry with validation and process controls to ensure order accuracy
  • Data Security: EDI Integration with NetSuite allows two parties to securely transfer documents and data. EDI Integration allows business partners to exchange messages, producing a full audit trail.
  • Built in Auto Pack Capabilities: Integrating EDI into NetSuite gives you the ability to package shipments in NetSuite. You can also streamline the process of packaging and creating items
  • Time Saving: NetSuite EDI Integration automates daily transactions that saves valuable time and reduces manual errors

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