Three Best-of-Breed Cloud Providers Create a Seamless EDI and B2Bi Experience for a Mutual Customer

Based in Orlando, Xtreme Mats specializes in making flexible undersink, kitchen/vanity custom-fit mats. Their innovative design ensures a snug fit, reducing the potential for water damage to the cabinet and possibly the floors. To scale up quickly and efficiently, the company needed a seamless system to automate the flow of data through its user applications, freeing up its teams to focus on strategic priorities.

Xtreme Mats leveraged Infocon System’s 30+ years of expertise developing custom solutions for any industry and the ability to integrate into any business process management system, a rare phenomenon in the EDI marketplace.

The Challenge

As a part of their corporate sales strategy, Xtreme Mats decided to increase its customer base, adding four trading partners to its portfolio. Each trading partner has its own EDI specifications & documents that they require. Over a period of time, meeting these mandates along with keying and re-keying data into their ERP applications-Quickbooks and ShipStation separately became cumbersome and was more prone to errors affecting the overall growth.

The Solution: Achieve Operational Excellence

Infocon Systems developed a custom solution with a seamless EDI workflow to automate the Xtreme Mat’s order processing cycle. This solution consisted of two parts:

Firstly, Infocon Systems developed & produced the EDI implementation for Xtreme Mat’s four trading partners. This entailed exchanging the purchase orders and invoices between the trading partners and Xtreme Mats.

Secondly, Infocon Systems integrated with the EDI data with the two internal ERP systems of Xtreme Mats (ShipStation & Quickboooks).

  1. ShipStation is an order-fulfillment solution for businesses. Our solution converts the EDI purchase order data into the ShipStation order format. We also fetch the shipping data in ShipStation and use this to create and EDI Advance Ship Notice for the trading partners.
  2. Quickbooks is an accounting software for businesses. Our solution fetches the invoice data from Quickbooks for a particular order and converts it into an EDI invoice format. We then send the invoice to the trading partner.

The Results: Driving Business Impact

  1. 3x the Efficiency- No need to manually create purchase orders/invoices. Infocon processes them automatically
  2. High Scalability and Increased Revenue- Xtreme Mats is now able to fulfill more orders for current and future customers, freeing their teams to support more growth

A fully integrated Xtreme Mats has set the standard for other players in the ecommerce business who continue to do things manually.

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“In the world of e-commerce, implementation time and accessibility are crucial. We can’t afford to wait 24-48 hours for a response or support. The Infocon team responded quickly to all of our needs and questions and also explained the entire EDI process so thoroughly we were able to streamline our side of the transaction even further. The implementation time between our EDI partners and our shipping software was 75% faster with Infocon than with any other solution out there we explored. The ongoing support team is quick to react and resolve any issues that arise. These integrations are saving us 10 to 15 hours per week.”
-Brandon Burkey, CEO at Xtreme Mats

“EDI is a critical channel for so many merchants looking to grow through the retail channel. Drop shipping can be complex to manage, and the combination of shipstation and Infocon allowed Xtreme Mats to streamline their processes and grow more quickly without huge costs or overhead. Our mission is to help companies become exceptionally efficient, and that mission was certainly realized here."
-Russell Griffin, Senior Director, Channels at ShipStation.

“In a fiercely competitive world of e-commerce it is absolutely necessary to reduce cost of processing orders. Best of breed cloud solutions like Infocon for EDI, ShipStation for shipping and Quick Books for accounting seamlessly integrate resulting in tremendous cost savings. “
- Infocon Systems President, Deepak Nijhawan