Infocon Systems makes the Order-to-Cash Cycle Painless with EDI Automation for Theradome

Based in Silicon Valley, California, Theradome® is a medical-device company that specializes in bringing laser-based hair growth therapies, previously only available in clinical settings, into the home. Their innovative laser helmets can minimize shedding, thicken existing hair and promote new hair growth.

Theradome leveraged Infocon Systems’ 30+ years of expertise developing custom solutions for any industry and the ability to integrate into any business process management system seamlessly, saving time and costs.

The Challenge

Theradome is a growing company and intended to scale up rapidly with a high demand in their unique laser hair growth technology. Initially, the company’s accounts payable team was manually reconciling every transaction involving purchase order, shipping and invoice information and processing it in and out of their back-office ERP Odoo which took them five minutes per transaction at the least. These five minutes were consumed in scanning all emails for purchase orders or looking for faxes and hundreds of invoices that needed to be reviewed, looking for discrepancies in pricing, quantity and shipping charges etc.

In order to be fast, error-free and more productive, the only way possible was to reallocate their resources to more pertinent tasks, cut operational costs and transmit documents via EDI. The team was looking for a seamless solution to automate and expedite their customer billing and processing along with integration into their Europe based ERP system Odoo.

The Solution

Infocon Systems developed a custom solution for Theradome which involved seamless EDI implementation to handle any volume of transactions. Infocon Systems along with Point Perfect Technology Services (Odoo Implementation Partner) automated the EDI integration workflow with Odoo to optimize process efficiency all with a click of a button instead of having to go through multiple touch points in the paper process.

  • Infocon Systems transmits the incoming EDI 850 Purchase Order from Theradome’s trading partner to PPTS via their custom API. PPTS then picks and puts it on the Odoo server.
  • Once an order is fulfilled in Odoo and is ready, PPTS then picks the outgoing shipping and invoice files from Odoo and puts them on their API server. Infocon Systems Integration program fetches the information and translates it into an EDI 856 Advance Shipping Notice and EDI 810 Invoice for further transmission to the trading partner.

“Infocon Systems identified the inefficiencies in Theradome’s manual system and developed an automated workflow that caters specifically to their needs. Moreover, our solution has set the foundation to process any number of transactions and any number of trading partners in the future.” -Neil Nijhawan, Vice President at Infocon Systems

“Infocon Systems played a significant role in our successful collaboration with Theradome. We were enlightened with substantial support from their technical team for EDI conversions. Working with Infocon Systems was one of the exceptional and unique experiences in our technological pursuit.” - Rizwan Ahamed, Business Head IT at PPTS

The Impact

  1. Theradome was able to accomplish a campaign of 600 transactions within two and a half days with Infocon Systems-PPTS customized solution which would take months with a non-automated process
  2. Theradome can now scale up to any volume and implement any number of trading partners with this setup and can expect an immediate boost in return on investment along with high customer satisfaction
  3. 3X increase in Process Efficiency-Infocon Systems’ technique ensures very few to no delays in reconciling transactions, reduces overall efforts and is transforming Theradome’s business

“We knew that our existing system would not be able to scale with the significant growth we were expecting, and we were spending too much time processing simple customer transactions. By helping us automate our systems and giving us fully integrated tools, Infocon Systems really allowed us to scale our business, offering better customer service and improving accuracy while reducing manpower hours.” -Dr. Tamim Hamid, CEO at Theradome

About Theradome

Theradome is a medical-device company that specializes in bringing laser-based hair growth therapies, previously only available in clinical settings, into the home. Their innovation laser helmets can minimize shedding, thicken existing hair and promote new hair growth. Theradome builds success on the science that governs Laser Photo-therapy and hair growth restoration. For more information, visit

About Infocon Systems

Infocon Systems is an established EDI solutions company providing a fully managed, easy to use Cloud-based platform and B2B integration into your core business applications. Headquartered in Louisville, KY and backed by a dedicated team of experts for over 30 years, Infocon has been connecting EDI partners with their customers and suppliers, while maintaining seamless workflows to make your transaction processing the most efficient. Infocon’s friendly and knowledgeable support team offers 24/7 follow-up, and allows Infocon to make a difference where it matters the most. For more information, visit and contact us at

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