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  • May 27, 2021 / by Infocon Systems

What is Odoo?

Odoo is one of the most popular business management platforms to help businesses run better. It provides a suite of tools for a full range of business needs -- including inventory management, warehouse management, financial accounting, human resource applications, operations streamlining, and modules for ERP, CRM, PSA, and e-commerce. Odoo offers a cheaper alternative to other market competitors. For example, you can use Odoo to manage your own server infrastructure for free.

EDI Integration with Odoo

Infocon Systems has implemented many real-time customized EDI (Electronic Document Interchange) systems for Odoo-based manufacturers and their trading partners.

To provide the best value and cost-effective price for customers, Infocon has developed a proprietary EDI solution that includes a seamless integration framework. This framework allows easy assembly of the relevant components needed to create the best end-to-end experience for your EDI order processing cycle.

Through integration and automation, the EDI process is made easy:

  • Purchase Orders (EDI 850) from your trading partner are displayed directly in your Odoo system
  • Advanced Shipment Notices (EDI 856) are automatically created and sent to your trading partner once your order is fulfilled
  • Labels and packing slips are created for you to use to ship the order
  • Invoices (EDI 810) created in Odoo are automatically sent to your trading partners

To learn more about how Infocon Systems can help you with your Odoo EDI integration, please contact us at @888-339-0722 or email us at sales@infoconn.com.

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