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Having Trouble connecting with CommerceHub EDI?

  • November 05, 2019 / by Infocon Systems

You have reached the right place, if you are reading this!

Are you a supplier of one or more of these retailers for drop shipping- Costco, Kohl’s, QVC, Staples, Best Buy, Meijer,,, Dick Sporting Goods, Amazon Drop-ship or any other drop-ship company?

Are you required to be EDI compliant with any of the above retailers?

Are you looking for an EDI solution which can handle small or huge volume of your order-to-cash transactions with the above retailers or those who use CommerceHub for their e-commerce Integration?

This article is a must read for those of you who answered “YES” to the above questions.

Most of the drop ship retailers use CommerceHub as their hosted integration provider to process e-commerce orders. Suppliers who need to be EDI compliant with these retailers have to go through CommerceHub to send their shipping notices, inventory, invoices etc. to their retailers. This process can be confusing and time consuming to understand. Infocon Systems has an established working model with CommerceHub to process orders and can help you process EDI files from CommerceHub easily and transmit documents back and forth with your retailer.

One of the other (common) pain point that you may have is to keep using your back-office accounting and or shipping solution like Quickbooks, ShipStation, NetSuite, SalesForce etc. to enter important information and still be able to trade with your retailer via EDI without having to enter data multiple times at different places. Infocon Systems can help you integrate EDI into these systems providing you a fully automated order-to-cash solution which means you will have:

  • faster EDI implementation and streamlined transaction flow
  • seamless EDI workflow with increased efficiency
  • minimized manual data entry resulting in zero error
  • more volume to grow and continued support

To read our success story on a similar CommerceHub connection and integration into multiple ERPs for one of our major customers, click here.

Contact our Sales Specialist @ 888-339-0722, chat with us or email us at to learn more on how we can help you be EDI compliant with the drop-ship retailers and be fully integrated at the same time!

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