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Neiman Marcus EDI: How does a business become EDI compliant with Neiman Marcus

  • November 16, 2021 / by Infocon Systems

Neiman Marcus is an American chain of luxury department stores, founded by Carrie Marcus Neiman, Herbert Marcus and Abraham Lincoln Neiman in 1907. It offers a wide category of products & services including Designer Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, & Beauty products. To begin trading with Neiman Marcus, suppliers must be fulfil the Neiman Marcus’s EDI requirements.

Ideal for small to midsize businesses, Infocon Systems reduces the manual labor of paper exchanges and meets Neiman Marcus EDI needs without requiring in-house EDI ..

How EDI works with Neiman Marcus?

To become a vendor of Neiman Marcus, your company will need to exchange business documents through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Neiman Marcus supports multiple transaction types

Purchase Order (850), Functional Acknowledgement (997), Advance Ship Notice (856), Invoice (810). The PO Change Notice (860) is optional for Neiman Marcus Stores, Last Call, CUSP, and Neiman Marcus Direct.

How to exchange EDI documents with Neiman Marcus

  • The buyer first sends a purchase order (850) to the seller. To confirm receipt of the EDI 850, the seller sends an EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgment.
  • The buyer can send a purchase order (850) to the seller, but this transaction set is optimal.
  • The seller packs the merchandise and attaches a GS1-128 shipping label to the individual carton. This label provides information regarding the contents of the carton.
  • An EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement is sent by a seller to a buyer in response to an EDI 850 Purchase Order.
  • For providing information regarding the contents of the carton, The seller attaches a GS1- 128 shipping label to the individual carton.
  • Seller sends an Advanced Shipping Notice (EDI 856) to communicate the shipment is on route to the destination.
  • Lastly, the seller sends the electronic invoice (810), which is sent to the buyer for payment.

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