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Tractor Supply EDI: How to become EDI compliant with Tractor Supply

  • September 14, 2021 / by Infocon Systems

Tractor Supply is an American retail chain that provides products for agricultural, garden, lawn, pet care and building goods. Tractor Supply is the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States. Tractor Supply has 1,900 stores throughout the United States in September 2020.

If you’d like to be a vendor of Tractor Supply, you’ll need to join the Tractor Supply Drop Ship Program. We’ve outlined the key points for the Tractor Supply Drop Ship Program.


  • Small shipments must use TSC’s UPS account number: 87W6A8
  • LTL orders will be shipped Conway Freight using billing address: Tractor Supply Company, PO Box 7000, Brentwood, TN 37027

  •     The LTL Bill of Lading should include the following shipping information: Ship To Contact Name, Address, Contact Phone Number, delivery date, time, any additional information indicated on the Purchase Order.
        Tractor Supply asks an LTL return form to be added for the customer
  • The ship from on Direct to Consumer UPS Label should be Tractor Supply Co Franklin DC address

Required Shipping Documents

  1. UPS Label
  2. BOL


Tractor Supply supports AS2 communication protocols for secure data transfer from one computer to another. All EDI transactions should be exchanged under EDI ID 14/6120935509. There is an optional EDI ID ZZ/6120935509T if a separate test ID is required. ISA15 Allows to enter a value T during testing and a P for production.

Below is a summary of the required EDI documents for Direct to Consumer.

  • EDI 846 (Inventory Inquiry/Advice): Must be sent at least once a day (Monday to Friday). Only accepts EDI 846 transactions. CSV, XLSX, XML not supported.
  • EDI 850 (Purchase Order): An 850 contains a PO number and customer order number and Drop Ship orders are process and exchanged real time
  • EDI 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgement): It is only used for vendor initiated line item or purchase order rejections, No partial line items may be rejected
  • EDI 856 (Advanced Ship Notice): It contains valid and accurate tracking information and must be sent when items leave the vendor's facility. It Must same as TSC purchase order
  • EDI 860 (Purchase Order Change): This document is sent by Tractor Supply to cancel purchase orders.
  • EDI 810 (Invoice): This document contains the same product information as the ASN exactly
  • EDI 180 (Return to Vendor): This document is sent to the vendor to inform that Return Order is on its way. The vendor can then send the EDI180 to Tractor Supply confirming receipt of Return Order. After 4 days, Tractor Supply will automatically close the Return and deduct the Return from the vendor.

Other EDI Documents

Tractor Supply On-boarding Checklist

To ensure a streamlined on-boarding process for ensures, Tractor Supply created a DTC checklist for vendors to easily be able to identify how the testing will flow.

  • Vendor Qualification Details

  •     Vendor Agreements and Compliance Forms
        Vendor Number Assigned and Sku Creation
        Content Job Submitted and AS2 Communications
  • Vendor Testing

  •     EDI Mapping Setup
        EDI 846
        EDI 850
        EDI 855
        EDI 856
        EDI 860
        EDI 810
        EDI 180
  • Web Content Submission

  •     Inventory Feed Uploaded
        Atlas Content Completed

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